Time is a Fickle Thing

by Grandvision

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released March 28, 2017




Grandvision London, UK

Andrius Kurakinas is the owner of Grandvision Studio. He is an aspiring musician that composes in the 21st Century Classical, Soundtrack, Easy Listening and Ambient genres. He has a great passion for any kind of creative work including music, writing, acting and voice acting. His main influences for music are Two Steps From Hell, Hans Zimmer, X-Ray Dog and Immediate Music Abbey. ... more

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Track Name: Time is a Fickle Thing
"Time, time flows in all directions,
From the past, present and future,
They all mold into one existence,
The existence of life itself.

Time brings life to fruition,
It breeds grass and sows seeds.
It brings joy to progress and development,
yet it takes it all away.

Time withers all around it,
like the leaves on the autumn wind.
Time holds domain over everything and everyone.
It creates joy, happiness and hunger
Revelation, sacrilege and domination.

Time has no face, no morale and no remorse.
It takes life just as it brings it into creation.
Through time we will see all that we ever knew,
and all that we will ever know.
Time is a fickle thing."