Departure​(​Ambient Mix)

from by Grandvision

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As promised here is the ambient mix. Once I woke up, I got some tea, and I sat down at my chair. Hoping to add ambience to my previous piece. What I did not realise is that I spent over 9 hours, without breaks composing what would be known as this piece. It is by far the longest and most detailed in sound a composition I have created. Endless hours were put into molding the instruments, their volume, the way they're played, and how quietly they disipate. I've always wanted to include real players in my work, as no sample will replace the true unique feeling of a person behind that instrument, playing with feeling, and dynamics, but hopefully this comes close to what it would feel, perhaphs having friends over, and improvising to the sounds of falling rain and the sounds of nature.

In fact, it took me over 2 hours to fully export this track as I crashed twice, due to memory. I managed to reduce the filesize by removing some plugins such as Stereor Widening and Enchantment on some instruments, but while still able in getting a full sound out of the piece.

I guess this counts as a daily improvisation, as I promised myself yesterday to compose a piece a day, no matter how simple or small.


from Entropy, released May 11, 2016




Grandvision London, UK

Andrius Kurakinas is the owner of Grandvision Studio. He is an aspiring musician that composes in the 21st Century Classical, Soundtrack, Easy Listening and Ambient genres. He has a great passion for any kind of creative work including music, writing, acting and voice acting. His main influences for music are Two Steps From Hell, Hans Zimmer, X-Ray Dog and Immediate Music Abbey. ... more

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